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Patient and Medication Safety News Archives - 2006


December 2006  

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the state Department of Health issued an alert asking medical professionals to watch for and rapidly report suspected cases of E. coli infection.  The Times-Tribune reports that the Pennsylvania Department of Health said there were eight cases of E. coli infection probably linked to the Taco Bell outbreak and 23 they suspect are connected. 

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Gov. Ed Rendell said Monday that reducing hospital infections will be a priority, as part of an effort to cut health care costs in Pennsylvania.  

Gov. Ed Rendell said expanding the work of nurse practitioners and cracking down on hospital infection rates are two ways he is seeking to lower the cost of health care in Pennsylvania and help cover the uninsured - reports The Herald-Standard  

Ed Rendell announced on Monday (12-11-06) that he will roll out a plan to lower health care costs by forcing hospitals and other care providers to be more efficient and make fewer mistakes. Read more in The Times-Tribune article. 

A study published by USA Today suggests that these sleep-deprived doctors are at high risk of making medical mistakes that can harm or even kill patients. 

First Person: To really learn about medical errors, turn off the PowerPoint: Institute for Healthcare Improvement's forum enlivened by real people's stories. "During his plenary speech at last year’s IHI National Forum, Berwick told the story of Micalizzi’s son Justin, a healthy boy who died after undergoing ankle surgery. The discussion Micalizzi was moderating included other members of the unenviable club to which she belongs: people who have watched their family members die or be severely injured by a medical error." Read full story Modern Healthcare by: Andis Robeznieks / HITS staff writer. 


November 2006 

State’s ALS Protocols to Become Effective in 2007.  The advanced life support (ALS) protocols developed by the Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services will become the state standard July 1, 2007. A draft of the protocols is available at the DOH website. The final protocols are expected to be released mid-November. 

New Fact Sheet for Teaching Physicians, Interns, and Residents is Available.
An updated fact sheet, “Guidelines for Teaching Physicians, Interns, and Residents” now is
available in print format at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website. To
order this fact sheet, scroll down to “Related Links Inside CMS” and select “MLN Product
Ordering Page.” 

Questions About MRSA and Answers From the Experts
Here are answers to many practical, clinical questions about MRSA, ranging from the best way to identify patients with MRSA to what clinicians should do if they have personally had an infection. Free registration required.

Report: 19,000 Pa. Hospital Infections in 2005. Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council released its hospital-specific report on HAIs. The full PHC4 coverage by TV channel 6  can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Video clip can be found on the lower right hand side of the page.  


September 2006  

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Philadelphia's Northeastern Hospital to receive state grant to support its efforts to detect and prevent hospital-acquired infections. Read on. 

The Tribune-Review reports that half of all health care dollars spent--$1 trillion--is wasted on poor quality care, safety issues, and a perverse incentive plan that rewards mistakes, a leading reformer said. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that experts say the overdoses that caused the three babies' deaths in Indiana illustrate that, despite national efforts to reduce drug errors, the system is still fragile and often subject to human error. 

Another Tribune-Review column states that, "the consumers of health care must take ownership of their own health. We all need to be more engaged by observing and asking questions." 

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article on the the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council's (PHC4) Hospital Performance report. First for the positive news - mortality declined - a tip of the hat to everyone at the hospitals for their hard work. Second, as precursor to the next HC4 HAI issue brief - more than half of this reports key findings were related to "complications and infections"


August 2006  

USA Today reports that the government recommends the vaccine Menactra, which prevents a form of bacterial meningitis, for college freshmen in dorms and younger children. With manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur struggling this year to keep up with the need, some students and colleges have found the vaccine harder to find. 

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that St. Clair Hospital celebrated its award from HealthGrades, naming it a Distinguished Hospital for Patient Safety for the third year in a row. NOTE: hospitals are required to collect more data than PA approx 26 external benchmarks and reporting requirements now exist. Health Grades, one of the most utilized and popular tools includes customer satisfaction reports...although SNI does not contract with the hospital mentioned in this article yet, SNI nurses have been recognized in other hospitals for their professionalism and positive customer service...good news for you, us and the hospital.

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